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Back issues, volumes and sets of periodicals in hard copy and on microfilm are supplied in all fields of scientific, technical, medical and other research.

Hard Copy: Our collection of backsets and volumes includes around 20,000 titles, covering all fields of scientific and scholarly research, primarily in the English language. Some of the sets are available from volume 1, number 1. Most sets are of more recent years to fill gaps in your collection. A 'back-volume' is a complete volume of a regularly published journal. Its publication date is the previous year or earlier. A 'backset' is a collection - usually consecutive - of such volumes.

* Single issues or entire volumes are available, although we prefer to sell complete volumes in order to maintain the integrity of the stock we hold. We will of course try to supply single issues when they are part of a larger request for sets and volumes. If you wish, you may indicate subjects of special interest and we will send you our special lists.

* For titles/volumes not currently in stock, we can carry out searches on your behalf. We have an extensive network of sources. We circulate our own want lists on a weekly basis.

Microfilm: We offer 16/35mm microfilm and microfiche, positive or negative. 16mm microfilm is also available in 3M/M-Type or Ektamate/ANSI/E-Type cartridges to satisfy your requirements. We specialize in microfilms of scientific and technical periodicals.

Complete volumes and sets are available on this space-saving medium - over 6,000 titles in stock.

When initial acquisition costs, space consumption and other maintenance economics are an issue, microfilm is the solution.