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Over 200,000 titles are available in our database. Two plans are offered for the delivery of subscriptions, the Regular Subscription Service and the Consolidated Subscription Service.

* The Regular Subscription Service arranges delivery directly to the library from the various publishers. Our subscriptions department submits claims to the publisher for any missing issues you report.

* The Consolidated Subscription Service plan provides an especially convenient method of serial management. RPSS receives all journals at its central location and forwards them to you at regular intervals.

* The consolidated package contains a computer-generated packing list with details on each issue enclosed.

* Reports detailing the status of your order, including progress on claims, are issued quarterly.

* Three months before the subscriptions expire, a quarterly report will list periodicals set for automatic annual renewal. This allows you ample opportunity to add and delete titles for the coming year.

The advantages of using the consolidated service include:

* Delivery by airfreight, allowing substantial savings over direct delivery via air mail.

* Complete delivery guaranteed for all periodicals ordered, with missing issues claimed by us during consolidation.

* Tremendous savings in staff time for cataloging and shelving; only one organized shipment to deal with instead of dozens or even hundreds of separate single issues arriving one by one.

* Automatic claiming and renewal, with no worry about deadlines or unintended cancellations.

Our subscription services are competitive throughout the world. We invite your lists of planned journal and serial subscriptions for our prompt quotations.