Research Periodicals & Book Services (RPBS) is a company that specializes in the distribution, sale and marketing of educational materials.
Our focus includes print and electronic reference books and textbooks, and other educational materials.
RPBS is based in Houston, Texas with offices and agents around the world.

About Us

RPBS has been active in the international market for over 30 years, with its roots going back to an Indian publishing and distribution company which started operations over 75 years ago. RPBS has an established network with over 1500 publishers located in the USA, UK and other European countries. Our subjects of specialization range from, but are not limited to reference books and textbooks in the following areas:

  • Agriculture and Related Sciences
  • Biology and Life Sciences
  • Business, Economics and Finance
  • Chemistry and Related Sciences
  • Computer Sciences
  • Earth Sciences
  • Engineering and Related Subjects
  • Environmental Sciences
  • General Reference (Dictionaries, Encyclopedias)
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Sciences
  • Physics
  • Veterinary and Related Sciences

Among RPBS’ services is the creation of customized lists for our clients. These lists can be prepared in any subject of interest and delivered via email. We welcome any institution of higher learning to send us their list of subjects of interest in books and journals and we will be glad to prepare a complimentary list.